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 Tubes For Guns and Gun Barrels     

Tubes for guns and gun barrels are produced in our facilities by cold drawing method from ST 52, 4140 and 1040 quality tubes . These tubes should be exactly security proof. Our tubes are preferred by our customers for their quality.

ID - mmOD - mmExplanationkg/m
144,4barrel tube1,1
154,4barrel tube1,29
1910,2barrel tube1,61
2418,2barrel tube1,53
2518,2barrel tube1,84
2618,2barrel tube2,15
2718,2barrel tube2,49
2818,2barrel tube2,83
2918,2barrel tube3,19
3018,2barrel tube3,55
2218,2magazine tube0,53
25,518,2magazine tube0,7