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Occupational Health and Safety Policy kat got double stuffed.

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  • Obey thet Occupational Health and Safety issues and employment law, regulations, legislations, terms as a member of the organizations.
  • To evaluate the risks that caused the accidents and eliminate the current risks with all staff participate thus take aim at prevent the formation of the hazardous environment, work accidents and occupational diseases, injuries and health impairments.
  • Act with the principle of “employees health is our company’s health”
  • For continuous improvement in the with our objectives training our employes and other stakeholders in the areas of occupational health and safety, to encourage them to be healthy and be reviewed periodically to ensure these works.
  • Considering and evaluating our employees “opinions and suggestions about the occupational health and safety issues for maximize the employees participation and health and safety issues and to share any informations with the employees”